Introducing the Cancer Report: Sharing Research and Developments

Photo of the Penn State Cancer Institute building entrance.On behalf of the physicians and faculty at the Penn State Cancer Institute, I’m pleased to present the inaugural issue of the Cancer Report, a new publication developed to share innovative treatment solutions and advanced research, and to highlight how they work together to enhance the care of individuals with cancer. I envision the Cancer Report as a way for our clinicians and scientists to share research findings, ongoing trials, developments in biomedical engineering and new collaborations between Penn State Cancer Institute and many of our peers in the field.

Penn State Cancer Institute strives to advance the study of cancer by utilizing the many resources afforded by the clinical and research faculty at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and the Pennsylvania State University. We treat more than 2,000 individual cases each year, including a large, underserved rural population.

Each day, innovative technologies are applied to treatment options and decisions for individuals with cancer, with special emphasis on the precise delivery of radiation therapy. In addition, biomedical engineering and material sciences have given rise to our strong nanotechnology program, pioneering novel methods of drug delivery. As treatment modalities improve, we are at the forefront of academic medical centers. We are developing a rapidly growing survivorship program, which offers an integrated approach to cancer education, prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care. Continue reading “Introducing the Cancer Report: Sharing Research and Developments”